Mini Cooper Clubman: 7 things you need to know

The new Mini Cooper Club is more spacious and practical than ever, without losing Mini’s fun-to-drive reputation.

Mini Clubman Front Side Top Jpg

1. The Clubman is the largest Mini you can currently buy, offering more space and practicality. It’s 27cm longer and 9cm wider.

2. It has no spare tyres. Instead, Mini has put in a run-flat tyre, which means if you get a flat, you can keep driving but only up to speeds of 80km/h for 80km. Not ideal if you’re out on country roads, a long way from home.

3. There are four ways to open the impractical but stylish barn-like boot doors: the old fashioned way with your hands; via your key; using a button in the car above the bonnet release; or using the clunky foot sensors that don’t always work.

4. True to Mini’s reputation, the Clubman is a lot of fun to drive thanks to its sharp steering and balanced chassis.

5. The light-ring around the circular infotainment screen changes colours as you select different driving modes and change the volume. Just one of the many quirky design features of this Mini.

6. The Clubman is the only Mini that could practically serve as a family car.

7. Fun fact: According to Guinness World Records, the most people to ever fit inside a Mini (the new model, to be exact) is 29 and was recorded in China in September 2014. With the release of the larger Clubman, we wonder if someone will attempt to beat this record.

Read the full review on the Mini Clubman here.


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