Nissan Qashqai ST Quick Review

By Elise Elliott, 25 Aug 2016 Car Reviews

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Nissan Qashqai

Don’t be put off by the odd name, Nissan’s small SUV is a value for money offering well worth consideration.


Meet Nissan’s small SUV offering, the Qashqai. I know, weird name. Something to do with nomadic tribes from some far flung Iranian provinces. SUVs may have evolved from four-wheel drives, but the Qashqai only comes in front-wheel drive. The entry-level ST model, tested here, costs $28,490. It sports a 2.0-litre petrol engine with Continuously Variable Transmission. In six-speed manual guise it costs just $25,990.


  • The base ST version is good value for a small SUV, priced at a competitive $28,490.
  • It has a generous 430L boot.
  • Despite the 1408kg weight, Nissan claims a lowfuel consumption of just 6.9L/100km. The reality, with a 110km mixture of city and highway driving, was closer to a thirsty 9.3L/100km.
  • The Nissan Qashqai has well-planted suspension that handlesinner cityspeed bumps and potholes with aplomb.
  • The cabin is classy, comfortable and uncluttered.
  • The ST comes equipped with reversing camera and simple-to-use cruise control.
  • Its high-riding position ensures good visibility for all passengers. Plus you don’t have to make that undignified grunting noise when getting out of the car.

Nissan Qashqai interior


  • The ST is only offered in front-wheel drive, making it better suited to city driving than bashing the bush.
  • The 5-inch display console comes with the basic CD player, MP3 capability, AM/FM Radio, and Aux. The connectivity, however, is confusing. It requires hooking up with NissanConnect which is unnecessarily cumbersome.
  • The cloth trim is not ideal for messy kids.
  • The base model misses some of the goodies found in the Ti, Ts and TL like panoramic sunroof, rain sensing wipers, automatic on/off headlights, leather trim and seven-inch colour touchscreen with satnav.
  • Neither air vents nor adequate storage compartment are offered to rear passengers.


The small SUV market is a tough and competitive one. Mazda is impressing with its good looking Mazda CX-3 which also comes in all-wheel drive. The Mitsubishi ASX with its five year warranty and the roomier Honda HR-V are other pint-sized SUVs to consider.