• When it comes to buying a small car, cabin space isn’t usually a priority. But the Holden Astra delivers anyway with a roomy cabin and a generous amount of cargo space – even for tall folk.
  • Its value isn’t necessarily a stand-out, but it’s better than previous models, so we give it a half tick.
  • Standard kit includes a display screen, navigation, smartphone connectivity and parking sensors. The performance version in the VXR gives you the look and the feel of a performance drive, while the GTC is the pick for those who want the look but not the power.


  • It may have the styling of a sport car, but the interior is not as suave as it could be – based on an old model, the interior is in need of an update.
  • The media system, controlled by a joystick, could be better. Touchscreens tend to be more efficient, but you get used to it.
  • It’s missing a reversing camera which is annoying given it doesn’t have the best rear visibility. But given its generous suite of standard kit, including rear and front parking sensors, we can probably forgive it.

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