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Snackable Review: Hyundai Santa Fe

03 Nov 2015 Car Reviews

Snackable Review: Hyundai Santa Fe

It won’t elicit envious glances from the neighbours, but if you need a sensible way of carting seven then Hyundai’s Santa Fe ticks a lot of boxes.


  • Practicality. You can choose to seat five with a cavernous boot, but even with seven on board there is some storage space.
  • Value. Starting at $41,490 for the Active CRDi, there are few cheaper ways to seat seven.
  • Strong diesel engine. It’s a little noisy when cold, but has plenty of grunt to lug the troops around and is very economical.
  • It drives well. The Santa Fe is an impressive handler; not in a sports car sense but for what it is it’s pleasant to drive.


  • Though it handles well, the Santa Fe’s steering could use improvement. It’s inconsistent in how heavy it is during corners which isn’t nice. There’s also a mode to manually change the steering weight, but this is a pointless gimmick.
  • The Santa Fe’s soft suspension makes it quite comfy over big bumps, but average country roads make it jiggle about. On a long trip it could be quite tiresome.
  • The plastics in the cargo bay are quite easily scratched by sharp objects. Something to be aware of if you’re lugging tools or the like around.

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