• Fuel efficiency. Compared to others in the medium SUV segment, the Mazda CX-5 is very easy on fuel.
  • Versatility. The CX-5 comes with front-wheel drive, and four-wheel drive versions.
  • Plenty of gear including cruise control, reversing camera, touchscreen display and tyre pressure sensors.
  • The availability of a safety version in all models (except the Akera which has the Safety Pack as standard).
  • Despite sitting high, the CX-5 drives well, with plenty of control for the drivers and not too much lean on corners.


  • No rear air-conditioning vents, which makes for uncomfortable long drives on hot days.
  • The boot is on the small side and the floor sits high so it doesn’t compare to others in the segment with better space offerings in the rear.
  • Lack of a spare tyre. If you blow a flat, you’ll have to stick to 80km/h on the space-saver spare until you can replace it. 
  • The 2WD 2.0 litre engine lacks power.
  • The GT and Akera models are fitted with low-profile tyres which make for a bit of a rough ride.

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