• All-wheel-drive. Subaru is famous for its symmetrical AWD system, and those who have taken a Suby off-road will generally attest to how well it works. They’re tough machines.
  • Safety. There’s a lot of modern safety and driver assistance tech in the Forester including its EyeSight collision avoidance system.
  • Tailgate. Electric hatches are par for the course these days, but few have a memory function. The Subaru does, and it’s remarkably useful if you park in a garage with a low roof or anywhere else where you need to stop the boot clunking into something every time it opens.
  • Vision. Somewhat old school design ends up being quite practical. Tall glass gives superb visibility in all directions.
  • Grunt. The Forester XT makes great power from its turbocharged boxer engine.


  • Looks. The Forester isn’t the most beautiful SUV on the road. In fact its styling is looking quite old fashioned.
  • Interior. There’s not a lot of design flair inside either. But if those things don’t bother you, the Forester won’t let you down.

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