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Snackable Review: Volkswagen Golf

17 Dec 2015 Car Reviews

The VW Golf is a popular all-round and a testament to its popularity in Australia. It’s stylish, and with such a big range, there’s something for everyone from the standard hatchback to the powerful GTI and even the exclusive convertible Cabriolet.

Snackable Review: Volkswagen Golf


  • Sure, the VW Golf is the ultimate city car and also doesn’t mind spinning its tyres on the freeways. But this popular car also tackles rougher roads with a smoothness its rivals haven’t yet mustered.
  • It does include a lot of features like the standard cruise control, touchscreen and Bluetooth. But more notable is its speed limiter which helps prevent those irritating speeding fines, tyre pressure sensors, stop-start engine technology, fatigue alert and multi-collision braking.
  • You can expect plenty of style in the Golf, both inside and out.
  • There’s plenty of storage spaces inside and leg room, an all-important for those who passenger people around.


  • It likes to consume premium unleaded petrol and with the rising costs of fuel, we suspect this will be a bit of an issue for those penny savers, even with lowish-fuel usage figures in some models.
  • Those who are big on drivability will probably notice the irregularity of the automatic gearboxes. Sometimes it’ll hesitate at the lights, but note the use of the word – sometimes.
  • It’s a popular car. Ok, so probably not so much of a downfall, but for those wanting to stand out from the crowd, it might sway your decision. But, it does back itself as a very decent car, overall, and often a favourite in the WhichCar office.


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