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Toyota Camry Video Review

05 Oct 2015 Car Reviews

Toyota Camry Video Review

There is no doubt the Toyota Camry is an important car. Sure, there’s nothing particularly charismatic about it - but the reliable Camry is one of Australia’s top sellers and there are plenty of reasons to buy it.


With a choice of hybrid or petrol-only engines, the Camry offers an option for both city driving and long distances.

The hybrid engine, which is available in most models, records the better figures. But for those who regularly take long-trips, the petrol engine will better serve you. 


Given its popularity in the family and corporate segments, Toyota has put particular emphasis on the Camry’s safety.

Top spec models take it up a notch with extra safety gear, including active safety systems and Pre-crash Safety systems.


The Camry isn’t short on space, particularly compared to others in its league and it comfortably seats three adults in the back and offers plenty of space in the cargo area. But keep in mind the hybrid models eat into boot space to make room for the batteries.

In the technology department, Toyota Link is the most noteworthy feature. It offers drivers real-time advice on finding fuel, weather information, accommodation, restaurants and businesses in your area. It’s also a requirement if you want access to navigation, and connects you to radio app Pandora so you can stream music.


Toyota Link is not overly user friendly to set up and it will cost you money to keep your subscription after the first year. You may prefer to go without and get your own GPS device.

White is the only standard colour in the Camry and any pick of the other nine choices will cost you an extra $450. Not a lot, but still, we prefer to have choice.

Even after its 2015 facelift, the interior is left a little bland. But then again, it’s not really trying to be anything but a simple, practical car. 


Don’t care about the dynamics of a car? Not interested in entering the stylish stakes? Are you just looking for practicality and reliability? Then the Camry is right up your alley. Sure, it’s a fairly vanilla car, but it’s a choice for those who are counting pennies and have very little need for a car with a big personality. 

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