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2016 Paris Motor Show: Lexus Kinetic Seat Concept

By Anna Kantilaftas, 19 Sep 2016 Car Style

Paris Motor Show Lexus Kinetic Seat Concept

An office chair for a driver seat made from spider web – Lexus reckons it can work.

Lexus has dedicated part of its Paris Motor Show display to a whacky chair design fit for a spider-like college-student superhero.

Despite all appearances, the Kinetic Seat concept is not a result of a new Lexus-Ikea partnership. It’s an existing Lexus concept which shares some similarities to the Herman Miller Sayl chair and looks like it’d be more at home in a home office than the front seat of a car.

Using a strong and flexible material for the back and under-thigh support of the chair, it mimics a spider web which is supposed to “closely fit body shape, dispersing the load to help make it possible to sit comfortable for prolonged periods” and “helps to stabilize the head and thus helps to ensure a high level of support.”

Basically, that’s a whole lot of Lexus-speak for explaining how a chair works as a chair. Albeit a chair that that looks as cool as that time a woman named Mandy designed the Acapulco chair out of string-like wicker.


The spidey-web backing is made from a material called QMONOS – a synthetic spider silk developed by a company called Spiber Inc using protein as the main component. It’s created through microbial fermentation and, as though by a spider, is then spun into this new shock absorbing material.

Lexus’ release also states the seat is slimmer and lighter and thus reducing the overall weight of the car. Although, we’re not sure a slimmer seat is going to be suitable for everyone’s backside – mine included.

We’re also questioning the practicality of a seat full of holes and gaps – there’s nothing there to stop our food crumbs dropping under the chair, which will ultimately be a nightmare to clean.

You’ll be able to watch a live stream of the Lexus Press Conference in Paris on September 29 at 1:30pm CEST.

Lexus will also be displaying its UX concept car, the new Lexus IS, Lexus NX Sport Edition and LC Coupe.