Gone are the days when new cars came straight off the showroom floor with a cassette player, a radio system and if you were lucky, automatic windows and power steering. Most new cars these days come with a range of standard accessories that are that will blow your grandparents away.

Some of the accessories that are fitted as standard to your vehicle by the manufacturer may include:

&#62 Airbags
&#62 Engine immobilizer
&#62 Power mirrors
&#62 Power steering
&#62 Cruise control
&#62 Central Locking
&#62 Satellite/Cellular tracking systems
&#62 CD players with CD stacker
&#62 Parking distance control
&#62 DVD player with TV screens
&#62 Power sunroof

The good news is that when it comes to insuring your new car all of the accessories that come standard with your particular car model will be automatically included in your car insurance at no extra cost.

When filling out your car insurance form online most car insurance companies will list all of the manufacturers standard accessories, so if for some reason not all items are listed as a standard item, make sure that you add them so that they are included in your policy. The same goes for any manufacturer optional extras as well as after-market modifications that you do to your car, ensure that these are listed too. However, any extra ad-ons may come at an extra cost to your premium.

Including each individual item on your policy will mean that should something happen, you will be covered. Just say for instance that you car is broken into and the CD player and the stacker is stolen, when you call to make a claim it will show on your policy that the item was included and therefore will most likely be covered. Whereas if a particular item was not listed on your policy, you would not be covered and will have to replace it with money out of your own pocket.

When it comes to getting the best car insurance, here are some tips:

&#62 Shop around and compare car insurance quotes online to find the lowest premium.

&#62 Be honest in your application as even though it may cost you less in the short term, if you make a claim this may affect what you will actually be covered for.

&#62 Ensure that all of the standard accessories as well as optional extras and after market modification are listed on your policy. Not only will you be covered but it will save you more in the long term.

&#62 If you add any accessories after you purchase the car and after you organise your premium, give your insurance provider a call and let them know to add it to your car details.

&#62 Read the product disclosure statement before signing on the dotted line so that you are 100 percent sure of what you are covered for and what you are not.