We surprise a reader with a Ferrari F8 Tributo

A 13-year-old Wheels reader and Ferrari super fan gets the surprise of a lifetime

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Ladies and gentlemen of the internet, meet Gabriel. He’s a 13-year-old Wheels reader who, quite clearly, is fairly excited to have a Ferrari F8 Tributo parked in his driveway.

He’s also living, and grinning, proof that your dreams can come true, no matter how big they are.

We first heard from Gabriel in the May issue of our magazine. He wrote to us to express his love for Wheels, and also to tell us that he has a particular passion for Ferrari.

In fact, his love for all things Maranello is so strong that he’s already saving to buy his first supercar by busking at his local market. A sign leans against his guitar case that reads “All proceeds to my Ferrari”.

His balance so far? A thoroughly respectable $1000 or so.

We applaud this kind of passion and entrepreneurship here at Wheels, so with the help of Ferrari Australia, we wanted to give Gabriel some extra encouragement to reach his goal.

Some high-level sleuthing followed, by which we mean we contacted Gabriel’s parents and asked if they’d help us deliver a surprise.

Which is how we found ourselves at Gabriel’s front door on a chilly autumn morning, the deep bass of a red F8 Tributo doing its best to give away our position.

You could say Gabriel was fairly chuffed and seeing the unbridled shock and elation on his face as we walked him towards the F8 Tributo delivered the kind of heart-warming positivity we could all use more of in these strange times.

Between wide-eyed stares and breathless exclamations of “Wow, this is AMAZING!” Gabriel quickly displayed his Ferrari knowledge. He knew the F8 Tributo’s price and its key performance metrics. “I really love the V8 models,” he said. “I’m not so keen on the V12s or the new hybrid one…”

A quick drive through the Yarra Valley completed the surprise, after which Gabriel made a sobering calculation. “That was breathtaking, I’ve never experienced anything like that in my life!” he said.

“I’ve been dreaming about this car for ages and now I just have to multiply my busking savings by 500 and maybe I can get one!”



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