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Tokyo Auto Salon 2016 Mega Gallery

By Dan DeGasperi and Dino Dalle Carbonare, 20 Jan 2016 Features

Tokyo Auto Salon 2016 Mega Gallery

The best, brightest and bawdiest from Japan’s biggest tuner show

More than forty tuned stars (and the odd weird burger) from the Tokyo Auto Salon said konichiwa to our camera as part of the 2016 installment of the annual aftermarket event held in Japan. Wander through the giant halls by accessing this gallery.

RE Amemiya RX-71. RE Amemiya RX-7: Outfit RE Amemiya last competed in the World Time Attack championships in 2012 and have promised to return to the Sydney-based event in October 2016 with this wilder RX-7.

Wonder 180SX2. Wonder 180SX: A favourite of the Japanese drifting community, this Silvia packs a modern aero bodykit with the sort of slashes and creases seen on newer models. Dropped, of course, on a set of CR KAI wheels.

Blitz Roadster3. Blitz Roadster: Behind the aggressive aero package and wheels is a 1.5-litre four-cylinder running 0.4-0.5 bar boost for about a 30kW jump over the regular car and improved low-down torque the target.

Mazda RX-Vision Concept4. Mazda RX-Vision Concept: Mazda’s recent showstopper came to stop the salon with its swoopy large coupe looks hinting at the return of rotary power, potentially badged RX-9.

Mazda MX-5 Global Cup Car5. Mazda MX-5 Global Cup Car: Mazda loves to send MX-5 versions off running on racetracks. This is its latest stripped-out and caged version ready to race around the world.

Kuhl R35 GT-R6. Kuhl R35 GT-R: It’s two-step process paint, not a vinyl wrap, while the taste is questionable and not guaranteed to please all. Seemingly inspired by a five-star Dubai hotel, a chrome-like finish is first engraved onto the body, and then a coat of gold is added.

Ridox Supra7. Ridox Supra: Japanese race driver Manabu Orido has punted Gallardos and a V8-powered Toyota 86, but this is his very own Supra. Orido owns Ridox and he uses this Supra to spruik his custom parts business in Japan.

RWB 9358. RWB 935: Rauh-Welt is a Porsche tuner famous in Japan and here they’ve tweaked the equally famous 1976 German racer. That rear track, though…

Toyota Alphard9. Toyota Alphard: It’s a bus like a Tarago that we don’t get in Australia. This one gets the obligatory wheels and bodykit treatment, but we wouldn’t want to do the school run in it.

RYO Liberty Walk R3510. RYO Liberty Walk R35: It’s Godzilla fully slimmed-down for racing, with a tasteful aero bodykit, high-deck rear wing and plenty of toe-in for the fat Bridgestone Potenza rubber.

Nissan Cube11. Nissan Cube: Yes, this cutesy Japanese box has been converted to look like a Chevrolet Pickup. Definitely one of the more bizarre show cars.

Honda S66012. Honda S660: Subtle styling modifications for this cool little production coupe that as the name implies uses a tiny 660cc engine. Apparently it’s a riot to drive – but it’s sadly JDM only.

Spirit Rei R13 Silvia13. Spirit Rei R13 Silvia: Japanese custom car works producer Spirit Rei have widened – via fabricated metal – one of the greatest drift cars of all time.

Liberty Walk Lamborghini Huracan14. Liberty Walk Lamborghini Huracan: It’s a Lamborghini with extra body bolt-ons backed by a wider rear track with fatter back tyres – and the racecar stance does no harm to the Huracan’s looks.

Toyota S-FR Racing Concept15. Toyota S-FR Racing Concept: Cutesy smaller-than-86 rear-driver gets a whole lot tougher with chunky rubber, a bodykit and big wing. Now it just needs to head into production as a sub-tonne MX-5 rival.

Subaru BRZ STI Concept16. Subaru BRZ STI Concept: Hints at a facelift for the four-year-old BRZ and a more angular front-end does no harm to its looks. Hopefully a 2.5-litre boxer turbo is hiding under the bonnet, but no official word yet.

Liberty Walk Maserati Gran Turismo17. Liberty Walk Maserati Gran Turismo: It’s the same philosophy as the pumped Huracan – an Italian stallion ready to gallop on the track with flared wheelarches hiding wider tracks and stickier rubber.

Liberty Walk Lamborghini Gallardo18. Liberty Walk Lamborghini Gallardo: They touched the Huracan and before that the Gallardo. Similar styling and wheel kits are available for the previous-generation little Lambo.

Novel Lexus RC F19. Novel Lexus RC F: One of the more tastefully tuned cars of the show, this V8 coupe gets carbonfibre accents, Prodrive wheels and full exhaust kit with race suspension.

Novel Lexus IS F20. Novel Lexus IS F: This previous-generation four-door has been completely stripped out to be used in the World Time Attack championships.

Dino _tas _2016-2421. Work Wheels RC F: Japanese tuners are clearly loving the latest Lexus coupe and attempting to find real stance with them. Not sure that the chrome wheels, erm, work…

Dirty perves N/A!22. Dirty perves N/A!

Endless-R R35 GT-R and Pit Road M Mitsubishi GTO23. Endless-R R35 GT-R and Pit Road M Mitsubishi GTO: The Mitsu is said to be running 900hp (671kW) as part of the endless usage of oversized turbochargers in these halls.

Top Secret R34 Skyline GT-R24. Top Secret R34 Skyline GT-R: Under the bonnet lays stroked 2.8-litre engine with Borg Warner EFR turbo and Hypertune billet intake manifold good for 1000hp (745kW). Exhaust and wastegate pipes poke out the side.

Top Secret R35 GT-R25. Top Secret R35 GT-R: Two versions – one for high speed demonstrations, the other for time attack – line up next to the mint R34.

Top Secret R32 Skyline GT-R26. Top Secret R32 Skyline GT-R: Special project for an American customer who remains nameless – lucky he’s come to see the gents at Top Secret, then.

Lexus GS350 F Sport27. Lexus GS350 F Sport: rolling on Air Runner and Vossen wheels tucked up well under the guards, we’re not sure much of this V6-engined executive sedan’s stately ride quality will remain.

Osaka JDM Honda Civic28. Osaka JDM Honda Civic: Named after the Osaka Kanji expressway that loops the city, where this early-1990s Civic generation is still a popular model in illegal street racing. Specialist Civic tuners Osaka JDM nail the street-racer brief here.

Phoenix Power R35 GT-R29. Phoenix Power R35 GT-R: One of the biggest R35 tuning shops in Japan, Phoenix Power has taken power of the 3.8-litre V6 twin-turbo engine to 1200hp (895kW). Lucky for the fat tyres on the BBS RI-D rims and Engless forged brakes.

Toyota Technical Centre Flower Van30. Toyota Technical Centre Flower Van: From the downright weird file comes a van created specifically to give off a rose scent everywhere it goes. Would hate to see what it looks like after a downpour. Or in winter…

Garage Vary Mazda MX-531. Garage Vary Mazda MX-5: Underneath somewhere is the petite little ND-generation we know and love, but this wild aero and wing kit transform it into an altogether tougher (but perhaps not prettier) roadster.

RRC Japan RX-732. RRC Japan RX-7: Cited as one of the most angular and strangest bodykits created for the third-generation FD, this one definitely isn’t what you’d call subtle. Special mention to the exposed front guards.

Nissan GT-R Nismo GT50033. Nissan GT-R Nismo GT500: This very car won the 2015 Super GT Championship played out on home turf at famous raceways such as Fuji Speedway and Suzuka.

RE Amemiya Mazda Chantez34. RE Amemiya Mazda Chantez: One of the coolest – and most Japanese – cars of the show, the Chantez is an early-1970s city car that had a 26kW 360cc two-stroke engine. It now has a nat-atmo 13B with 209kW at 9000rpm.

NATS University Kaido Racer/Bosozoku emulation cars35. NATS University Kaido Racer/Bosozoku emulation cars: We don’t know where to begin here. Maybe Japan’s version of Wacky Racers mixed with your typical Tokyo taxi?

NATS University Black Opal36. NATS University Black Opal: Yes, that’s right, it’s a Daihatsu Copen made to look like a Mercedes-Benz 190SL. Beyond odd.

GReddy/Trust Mazda MX-537. GReddy/Trust Mazda MX-5: The ND looks tough when it’s turned widebody and dropped on its rails, as shown here. The 1.5-litre is a little less humble than before – with a turbocharger’s aid, the tuners are targeting 224kW.

Star Road S30 Fairlady Z38. Star Road S30 Fairlady Z: Respected Japanese restorers have done a mostly tasteful job with this mint, er, mint-coloured Zed car. Not sure about the grille and lower bar, but the body is ace.

MK Motor R32 Skyline39. MK Motor R32 Skyline: It wears a fender kit called Phantom, and with 447kW hidden behind that unassuming baby-blue hue, we imagine it will make sudden and rapid appearances in many a rear-view mirror, probably sideways.

Aimgain Lamborghini Aventador40. Aimgain Lamborghini Aventador: This Hiroshima-based company focuses on suspension, body and wheel kits, though the alterations to the biggest Lambo seem subtle (obligatory big rims tucking up under guards excepted).

Hummer H141. Hummer H1: Powder-coated exterior perfect for politely brushing-off various kei cars on tight Tokyo streets. Not that you’ll hear anything that’s happening given the number of speakers and trim based on camouflage cargo pants.