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Logitech launches updated G923 sim steering wheel

By Alex Affat, 31 Aug 2020 News

Logitech’s new mainstream wheel set is feature-filled and ready for the next generation

Logitech G923 steering wheel

If you're looking to make the leap from using Gran Turismo sitting on the floor with a game controller to hitting the big leagues with iRacing and Assetto Corsa, then you'll need a racing steering wheel and pedal set - and renowned peripheral maker Logitech has long been at the forefront of the affordable sim wheel set-up game.

Logitech’s recently revealed G923 racing wheel and pedal set supersedes the popular entry-level G920 (G29 for Playstation), which is now five years old, and it promises to deliver its most complex force feedback system yet.

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The company says its new proprietary force feedback system, known as Trueforce, is able to dial directly into a game’s physics and audio engine to deliver the most realistic experience possible.

Popular Twitch streamer, iRacing pundit and real-life McLaren F1 driver Lando Norris has been involved in the development of the wheelset, which forms an important bridge between the ultra-expensive direct-drive style of wheel and arcade gamepads.

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“The new Logitech G923 wheel with Trueforce gives drivers an authentic experience behind the wheel and simulates the details we feel as racing drivers. I can feel if the rear of the car loses grip or if I’m about to spin, which gives me the best chance to quickly correct it, and stay ahead of the competition,” reckons Norris.

Logitech still works on a gear-driven system, which typifies more affordable entry-level units compared to more costly belt-driven or direct-drive hubs.

However, Logitech claims the new system’s best trick is the ability to connect directly into in-game engines to deliver real-world feedback such as tyre traction and terrain changes through the wheel, at a processing rate of up to 4000 times per second.

Physically, the new G923 looks very similar to the brand's G29 and G920 units, with the same unit design, button layout, and a very familiar-looking pedal box whose looks date back to the even older G25 and G27, but there are a number of changes worth noting.

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A programmable dual-clutch launch control feature allows players to make standing starts cleaner and faster, while the pedal box now features new progressive springs for an improved pedal response.

Aftermarket spring modifications to the older Logitech G27 pedals aren't uncommon, but the new G923 does away for the need to break open your pedal box.

The wheel itself now features a new rotary dial and in-built RPM shift lights, which were previously only found on the PlayStation’s version of the old G29.

The new Logitech G923 racing wheel and pedal set is currently available for PC and Xbox One, and will be compatible with the next-generation Xbox Series X when it arrives in Q4 of this year.

Australian suggested retail pricing is $599.99.

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