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2018 McLaren Senna revealed

By Chris Thompson, 10 Dec 2017 News

McLaren Senna main2

McLaren’s 588kW ‘ultimate track car for the road’ officially debuts

“Legalised for road use, but not sanitised to suit it.” This is what McLaren says about its newest car, the McLaren Senna.

The Senna, which borrows F1 legend Ayrton’s surname, is driven by the most powerful road car internal combustion engine ever created by McLaren, the company says.

With a whopping 588kW and 800Nm at its disposal, the McLaren Senna takes the crown from the P1 by 46kW.

This is thanks to a dry-sump 4.0-litre, twin-turbocharged V8 which puts that power through a 7-speed dual-clutch, then to the rear wheels.

2018 McLaren Senna garage
However, McLaren hasn’t yet stated performance figures for the Senna, only saying that its “the most extreme McLaren road car yet.”

We do know that the Senna has a dry weight of only 1,198kg, which the company says makes it the lightest McLaren since the McLaren F1 supercar. The F1 only weighs 1,018kg dry.

Every body panel is made from carbon fibre, and McLaren claims the Senna has the strongest monocoque chassis it has ever built.

In addition, the Senna heralds a “new-generation” of active aerodynamics for McLaren, with the company claiming it has achieved “an unprecedented level” of aero control and downforce. The Senna’s huge rear wing constantly adjusts itself to optimise downforce and balance.

Also visually prominent are the many, many vents which feature on the Senna. McLaren says its design means you can’t follow a single line from the front of the car to the back without passing through or over a vent.

The vents all perform various functions, but are primarily drawing heat away from the engine and cooling various components without negatively affecting aerodynamics.

The Senna’s double-wishbone suspension system (called RaceActive Chassis Control II by McLaren) has hydraulically interconnected dampers and hydraulic anti-roll bars.

2018 mclaren senna cabin
Wrapped around race-style ultra-lightweight alloy wheels are a set of bespoke Pirelli P Zero Trofeo Rs.

Inside, a steering wheel with no buttons or switches features, with driver controls kept to a minimum “to reduce cockpit clutter.”

Oh, and you can’t buy one anymore. They cost £750,000 ($1,336,700 AUD), only 500 will be built, and they’re all already spoken for.