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Aston Martin DB11 spy pics

By Byron Mathioudakis, 26 Apr 2015 News

Aston Martin DB11 spy pics

Will it be the Aston Martin DB11, DB10, or even DB9 Mk2? We’re still not sure but we’ve just caught first glimpse of it

FANS of ferociously fast British supercars of intoxicating beauty rejoice! The replacement for the 11 year-old Aston Martin DB9 has finally been spotted in what seems like a production-ready form, albeit wearing more camo than Arnie in Predator.

Snapped storming the Nurburgring circuit, the Aston Martin prototype is set to score a slew of Mercedes-AMG V8 turbos that have been comprehensively re-engineered for the DB11, as well as a development of the company’s own V12 (of Ford-sourced origin), also with forced induction. The former has a five per cent share in Aston and the latter retains eight.

Nestled within an evolution of the long-lived aluminium VH (for vertical/horizontal) rear-wheel drive architecture that is reportedly dubbed ‘VH500’, the ‘DB11’ as shown sits on what looks like a significantly wider track and longer wheelbase than its predecessor, suggesting deep changes to the accompanying suspension and steering. Mercedes-AMG is also developing an all-new electrical system.

Expect to see the DB9 replacement (DB11 is the favourite though DB10 is also in the mix as a possibility) surface in about a year’s time, with the next Geneva Motor Show in March 2016 as the venue most likely.

Before that, a glimpse of what the newcomer might look like on the move will be provided by the DB10, 007’s one-off ride created especially for the next James Bond film, Spectre, out in September and directed by Sam Mendes. Aston Martin has already said that Bond’s DB10 is not the DB9 replacement.

Pricing? It’s a fair bet that the bigger, stronger, faster and far-more high-tech ‘DB11’ will be well north of the $350,000 to $400,000 region currently inhabited by the DB9 

The 102 year-old marque is in the midst of a new-model bonanza, previewing the reborn Lagonda uber-luxury sedan and controversial DBX crossover concept unveiled at last month’s Geneva show.

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