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Ban on GT3 cars at the ’Ring lifted

By Aiden Taylor, 09 Apr 2015 News

Ban on GT3 cars at the ’Ring lifted

German authorities give GT3 cars the green light to race at the Nürburgring

GT3 cars will be allowed to race again at the Nordschleife again following news that a ban imposed on the purpose built race cars after a tragic endurance race incident is to be lifted.

Strict new safety measures will accompany the reintroduction of GT3 cars, as Germany’s motorsport governing body DMSB hopes the accompanying rules will reduce possibility of spectator injury at race events.

As part of the initiative, all top-tier GT3 cars will take a five per cent power reduction to slow speeds, while speed limits will be used on certain problem parts of the track to prevent cars from becoming airborne, according to a report by Fox Sports.

At Flugplatz, Schwedenkreuz and Antoniusbuche there will be a GPS enforced 200km/h limit and the Döttinger Höhe straight cars will be restricted to 250km/h. Both speed limit zones will begin a few hundred metres prior to that section of track.

Along the 200km/h speed limit zones, spectator access will also be limited until reconstruction work has been completed. DMSB also ensures heavy fines will be imposed on teams that break the rules.

The rules come in light of an incident that saw the #23 Nismo GT-R GT3 driven by Jann Mardenborough take flight at the track’s Flugplatz, a section where car’s regularly get airborne, before climbing the track barrier and landing amongst spectators.

It’s understood that more permanent measures will be implemented following this year's VLN racing season.