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Bentley release amazing photos of its Bentayga SUV electrical system

By Jez Spinks, 12 Jul 2016 News

Bentley release amazing photos of its Bentayga SUV electrical system

A fascinating look behind the curtain at the jaw-droppingly intricate ‘heart’ of the new Bentley Bentayga SUV

We wouldn’t describe the Bentley Bentayga as the world’s most attractive SUV but it certainly has beauty under the skin.

While an engine may well be a car’s heart, the posh British brand has released a mesmerising CT scan-style image of the Bentayga that shows why it’s the nervous system that keeps it alive.

Virtually every modern car features such a wiring harness, but none would be as complex as the one circulating crucial information around the big Bentley.

The vast, intricate map of the automotive equivalent of nerve cells and fibres actually comprises seven different but integrated multi-speed, multi-purpose networks.

It includes the world-first 48v sub-system, which the Bentayga uses to manage its Dynamic Ride active roll feature. The electro-mechanical system can vary the torsional resistance of the vehicle’s anti-roll bars – softening them for greater wheel articulation on rough terrain or keeping them firmer for enthusiastic cornering.

Bentley -Bentayga -wiring -roof

Audi’s Bentayga twin, the Q7, has since followed with the system in its SQ7 variant, and also uses it for the model’s electric, lag-reduction compressor – though the German SUV doesn’t feature a fridge (or many other options that rely on electrics).

Among the Bentley’s vast array of computer-aided features are the likes of adaptive and predictive cruise control; traffic-sign recognition; park assist; infra-red night vision; cross traffic warning and top view, that rely on the SUV’s multitude of multifunction cameras and sensors.

And in the opulent cabin are features such as the 8.0-inch infotainment touchscreen; rear-seat entertainment tablets; front seats with multiple adjustment and heating/massage/ventilation functions; head-up display, and an audio system that, in highest spec, brings 18 speakers and super-woofers.

At least the optional ($300,000) Breitling clock is mechanical. No, wait, even the winder uses an electric motor…