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Detroit Motor Show: VLF Auto Force 1 revealed

By Louis Cordony, 13 Jan 2016 News

Detroit Motor Show: VLF Auto Force 1 revealed

VLF's V10 supercar unveiled despite protest from Aston Martin

America’s newest V10 supercar revealed at the Detroit Show is one Aston Martin didn’t want anyone to see. 

Called the Force 1, it’s been lobbed by VLF Automotive, a brand new American luxury car manufacturer owned by Gilbert Villareal, former GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz, and importantly, designer Henrik Fisker.

Fisker’s design nous has been employed by Aston Martin in the past, which might explain why – as Automotive News reports – he last week sued the British automaker for trying to veto the Force 1’s reveal.

VLF Automotive reveals Force 1 despite protests from Aston Martin rearApparently Aston Martin thinks the Force 1 bears too much resemblance to a top-down sketch of its DB10, which featured in the Bond film ‘Spectre’. 

The two-seat coupe’s popular Detroit Show appearance proves Aston Martin wasn’t too successful with such allegations. And we’re glad, because the Force 1 sounds wonderfully unhinged.

With a Dodge Viper lurking under its bodywork, the original 8.4-litre V10 has been massaged to produce 555kW. That’s 80kW more than the stock car.

VLF-Automotive -reveals -Force -1-despite -protests -from -Aston -Martin -frontThe power unit will be matched to a manual transmission as standard, but VLF says an eight-speed automatic will be offered as an option.

Either way, we’re hearing 97km/h disappears in three seconds before the Force 1 charges on to a 351km/h top speed.

Then there’s its design. You can judge for yourself whether any Aston Martin hides in the bodywork. But there’s no denying its presence.

VLF Automotive reveals Force 1 despite protests from Aston Martin coverIts carbon-fibre body follows its donor’s aggressive proportions, but also introduces a completely unique look courtesy of gaping side wings, squinty headlights, and heavily vented frontal area.

Abound with leather and suede, the interior makes the biggest statement about the car’s upmarket ambitions with champagne bottle holders that feature between the front seats.

VLF-Automotive -reveals -Force -1-despite -protests -from -Aston -Martin -interiorIt’ll also be exclusive. Each car takes six weeks to build. So VLF Automotive hopes to only build 50 units and sell them all before 2017.

The Force 1 will be priced at US$268,500 and go on sale this May.