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2017 Geneva Motor Show: style-driven show-stoppers for Switzerland

By Anna Kantilaftas, 28 Feb 2017 Events

2017 Geneva Motor Show: Style-driven show-stoppers for Switzerland

There’s plenty of cool stuff to come out of motor shows, like new technology, or important updates to existing cars. But what really whets our appetite are the more uniquely-designed concept cars.

HERE are Wheels, we’re all about the stylish aspect of cars. We love a beautifully designed car as much as we love a really fast car.

Naturally, the stylish concepts are one of the most anticipated aspects of any motor show, with Geneva Motor Show being one of the biggest presenters of sexy design concepts. Here are a few we know about so far.


Ok, so the Singapore-made Dendrobium coupe isn’t exactly new. It was revealed at the same show last year and as far as we can see, it looks much the same. It’s an electric hypercar, created with Williams Advanced Engineering and Vanda Electrics.

We don’t know much about the car yet, other than it’s an aluminium and carbon fibre two-door hypercar with an electric drivetrain. Its name, Dendrobium, is a Singapore orchid, and designers have considered this in the car’s aesthetics, replicating the flower’s petals in the car’s roof and doors.

In terms of what’s different, however, there’s speculation performance figures could be revealed but we’ll have to wait until the show to know for sure. Still, it’s great to look at.


Peugeot InstinctPeugeot has revealed its Instinct concept today, ahead of its debut at the motor show. The release says the Instinct has “full awareness of its surroundings” and it “knows you so well that it can foresee your every wish”.

Peugeot says the Instinct is designed with “freedom” in mind, as a vehicle that offers two autonomous driving modes and two driver modes. It includes some cool technologies like connectivity to your smart watch and smart TV, or the ability to alert you to leave earlier for an appointment based on traffic. Or, it can even lock your house door when you start the car.

The shooting brake body takes aerodynamics into account to produce a sophisticated and timeless look. Curves, sculpted lines, a long bonnet and a beautifully curved sunroof adds to the sophistication. Teamed with Peugeot’s Responsive i-Cockpit inside the Instinct has an almost James Bond-esque quality about it.


Pininfarina conceptAnything attached to the Pininfarina name is bound to come with style. We’d expect nothing less from the Italian styling house. At this year’s Geneva Motor Show, it’ll reveal two concepts: the H600 for Hybrid Kinetic Group and the EF7 for Fittipaldi Motors.

We’ve not many details on either cars, aside from two teaser images.

The H600 will be a luxury sedan which Pininfarina says will be an “elegant and comfortable” combination of “pure design and eco-friendly technology”.

The EF7 will appear in Vision Gran Turismo, a concept designed for a PlayStation game. The production car, however, will be on display at Geneva and again, we’ve only seen some teaser images of the concept so far. The EF7 is made from carbon fibre and weighs less than 1000kg for speed. Inside, it features a V8 engine with about 450kW.

The car is designed by former Formula One and Indycar pilot Emerson Fittipaldi, and is said to be the first of a series.