TRD slaps a big wing on the GR Supra for SEMA

Wild GR Supra concept draws inspiration from TRD’s wild modded Supra

TRD GR Supra 3000GT concept SEMA teaser

Toyota Racing Development (TRD) has dropped an odd but surprisingly lengthy teaser of its upcoming Toyota GR Supra 3000GT concept, which they plan to roll out at next month’s 2019 SEMA show.

As the name implies, the GR Supra based concept pays homage to the 1994 TRD Supra 3000GT, sporting a wider body, similar vented bonnet design, and a whacking big wing on the back.

Despite the teaser video’s length, details are scarce on what other aspects of the GR Supra 3000GT will be tweaked over the standard car. Instead the video delves into the TRD’s past Supra creations and the new aero package for the GR Supra.

With its popularity growing and fresh new examples reaching customer hands, more and more tuners are dipping their toes into the aftermarket scene for the GR Supra.

Famous aftermarket names like Kei Miura of the Rocket Bunny/Pandem fame have already started building kits, and so has a number of renowned aftermarket tuners such as the UK-based Litchfield Motors that are working on mods that have been so far been able to up the GR Supra’s power outputs to 352kW/640Nm, from 250kW/500Nm.

We’d also mention race car builder Stephan Papadakis, who is in the midst of building a GR Supra with 1000hp.

With tuners getting back into the same groove that had catapulted the A80 Supra into the hearts of enthusiasts everywhere, it is as though the Supra that we know and love is back.


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