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Australia’s Toyota Supra sold out in minutes

By Cameron Kirby, 19 Jun 2019 News

Australia’s Toyota Supra sold out in minutes

Another two rounds of orders will be opened, but you will have to get in quick

Australian customers were given the chance to start the process of buying the highly-anticipated 2019 Toyota GT Supra today.

Reservations for the 2019 Toyota GR Supra opened at midday, but just 17 minutes later Toyota Australia posted to its official twitter account that the entire first batch (of three) was now spoken for.

"The first allocation of orders was fulfilled very quickly,” a Toyota Australia spokesperson told Wheels.

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Toyota says “approximately 100” vehicles were made available in the first reservation batch, with the next chance for customers to secure a Supra set for July 17 – 27 days from now.

It is expected another 100 will be up for grabs in the second round of reservations – though Toyota wouldn’t confirm specific figures – with the third and final batch of orders accounting for the remaining cars of Australia’s “about 300” vehicle allocation.

"The ordering system will re-open in 27 days but we can’t confirm how many allocations will be available. We'd like to think it will be around 100 but we're trying to see if we can allow for more,” a spokesperson said.

Customers that did successfully get an allocated slot were required to place a $1000 fully-refundable reservation fee.

Toyota will now begin its randomised ballot procedure for the first 100 reservations, with customers placed in a queue and given the opportunity to complete the registration process that includes picking specification and colour of their Supra.

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Following this, a $4000 deposit is required to secure the order for one of the under 300 Supras expected to land in Australia in the first 12 months.

However, just because a customer secured a reservation spot doesn’t mean they are guaranteed to take delivery of the exact specifications they desire, as the trim and colour combination could be snapped up by a buyer earlier in the queue.

"There might be an opportunity in the ballot system for others as we try to match first and second preference picks with the spec available,” the spokesperson explained.

“We can't guarantee everyone will get what they want. They might need to wait for the chosen specification.”

The most affordable 2019 Supra variant is the GT, which costs $84,900; while the GTS will set you back $94,900. There are seven colour options to choose from, with GTS buyers able to option an alcantara and leather upholstery and Nurburg Matte Grey paint for $2500 each.