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Watch a 746kW Toyota Supra engine being assembled

By Chris Thompson, 10 Oct 2019 News

Papadakis Racing puts its Supra drift car’s engine together

746kW Toyota Supra engine assembled news

We’ve already seen Stephan Papadakis and his team at Papadakis Racing tear down a stock B58 Toyota Supra engine, pulling the BMW-built six-cylinder unit apart and explaining its inner workings.

Now, after having put together a plan to get 746kW out of the engine (or 1000hp to them), Papadakis has reassembled the engine with a video describing the process and explaining how it’s done.

The style of video is in-depth without being dragged out, much like the other videos the team has created with this engine, so it’s quite easy to watch all the way though even if you’re not incredibly mechanically inclined.

Stephan is quite adept when it comes to explaining relatively technical happenings in a straight-forward manner, all while clearly showing each step of the process on film. He even runs through his own learning process with the engine, and follows along during a section of the build in which he had to backtrack to fix an error.

Driver for Papadakis Racing’s drift team Fredric Aasbø also posted about the engine build on Instagram, suggesting we might soon see him return to drive a Supra (he started drifting in an older model as a privateer) in the Formula D championship soon.

Side note: make sure you don’t miss the 8:20 mark in the video to see Stephan take a quick chocolate snack break.

In the near future we can expect to see Papadakis test the engine on a dyno, but if you’re interested in how some of the higher spec parts were made, there’s a video for that too!

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