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Watch a Toyota GR Supra engine get taken apart for tuning

By Chris Thompson, 16 Aug 2019 News

Curious about the internals of Supra’s ‘borrowed’ BMW B58 engine? Papadakis Racing has got you covered

Watch Toyota GR Supra engine dismantled tuning news

The 2020 Toyota GR Supra has been under fire from purists since it was announced that it’d be running on BMW power, more specifically with the B58 engine used in the likes of the M140i and the current Z4.

So when Papadakis Racing, builder of successful drift and race cars, decided to pull one apart they also filmed the whole dismantling process to show off the engine’s impressive engineering.

The engine comes off a delivery-mile Supra, and with a goal of turning its engine into a 1000hp+ beast (up to over 746kW from the claimed 250kW it began with), the team got right to work by pulling the thing apart and having a poke around.

Of course, you should watch the video for a full technical rundown of the engine, as it’s pulled apart bit by bit and explained in great detail, but the gist of it is that while Stephan Papadakis (the team and workshop’s owner) doesn’t say outright whether he thinks the B58 is a worthy successor to the 2JZ, he is still quite impressed by it.

And he’d know what he’s talking about when it comes to building a good engine – he’s in charge of one of one of the most successful Formula Drift teams.

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In fact, with Fredric Aasbo at the wheel of the Corolla iM drift car the team built, Papadakis Racing has consistently dominated the sport by staying up the top of scoreboards and taking home the 2015 championship title.

There’s more to come from Papadakis with this particular engine, so it might be worth subscribing to their channel to follow along.

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