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Ford Ka with Barra engine is wild

By Chris Thompson, 23 Jan 2019 News

This might be the craziest Barra swap we’ve seen

Ford Ka with Barra engine is wild news

The whole ‘Barra the world’ phenomenon has seemed to calm down a little lately, though we’ve still seen a steady flow of Ford’s 4.0-litre inline six being dropped into the engine bay of this and that.

However it’s not often you see a Barra wedged into a car so small that it impacts the amount of space left in the cabin.

Enter the Barra-powered Ford Ka (apparently pronounced like ‘cat’ without the ‘t’).

Another video, which was published on Facebook by one of a few Barra the World pages, shows a mostly standard Ford Ka with a Barra ‘in’ the engine bay connected up to a diff at the rear.

We use the word ‘in’ loosely, as the Barra sits so far back in the Ka that its builders have needed to manufacture a new housing for it in the form of a cover that shields anyone in the cabin from the engine itself.

Barra the World: Lego Barra Sprint engine completes Lego Barra trio

It’s probably not road-legal.

In the videos posted to YouTube by the Burnouts Unlimited channel, the BARRAKA is seen creating clouds at the TGI Fryday burnouts event, held January 18 at the Stawell Motorsport Club in Victoria.

The Barra-swap would have increased the Ka’s output dramatically, even in a relaxed tune, given the Ka was originally available with power figures ranging from 44kW to around 70kW. Even on gas, a Barra is good for 150kW+.

We wonder if our friends over at Street Machine have thought about downsizing the Barra-powered Turbo Taxi

If burnouts are your thing, check out SM for plenty of action from Summernats 2019.