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Ford’s Drift mode evaluated by the Stig

By Louis Cordony, 20 Jan 2016 News

Ben Collins tries out Focus RS’s Drift mode

Ford’s Drift mode evaluated by the Stig

You’ve seen the Stig fang road cars before, but not without an iconic white race suit.

On top of racing and celebrity appearances, its seems the former lap-guru’s been lured in to promotional work in his life after Top Gear, as Ford’s stuffed Ben Collins in its Focus RS to explain how its tricky new Drift mode affects the car’s performance.

Because the car changes up to six variables for each driving mode, Collins’ experience as a race driver that’s driven countless road cars helps him process and explain what’s happening quite easily.

It’s a handy video if you’re one of many who’ll be clamouring at Ford with fistfuls of money for its new RS.

Mind you, with Collins on the payroll, it’s not a review. And either Ford or Collins slips up when he asserts ‘Sport’ mode firms the ride, just as the video lists the dampers remain in normal.

But with the Focus RS cutting huge rooster tails in the clip’s last moments, who cares about such trivial details? Not us. Have a watch.