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Hennessey Exorcist ZL1 Camaro cracks 349km/h

By Cameron Kirby, 21 Feb 2018 News

Demon-fighting tuned Chevrolet Camaro sets the fastest speed for a gen-six version of the two-door fastback coupe

Hennessey Exorcist ZL1 Camaro cracks 349kmh

HENNESSEY has unleashed its Dodge Demon-fighting Exorcist Camaro to see just how fast it can go.

The answer, it turns out, is 349km/h. Once you realise the car is packing a whopping 745kW, it all makes complete sense.

The Texan-based tuning company released the Exorcist Camaro amidst all the hype surrounding Dodge’s wheel-lifting Demon reveal.

What starts as a 477kW LT4-powered ZL1 Chevrolet Camaro becomes the Exorcist after Hennessey adds a larger, higher flow supercharger running 14psi of boost, a beefed-up intercooler system, ports the cylinder heads, upgrades camshafts, adds long tube stainless steel headers, and lets the Camaro breathe deeper thanks to a freer-flowing induction system. It’s all controlled through a re-flashed ECU.

With Ford Performance Racing School’s Brian Smith behind the wheel, the Exorcist pushed its speedo to 217mph (349km/h) at the Continental Tires Uvalde proving ground. Watching the video, you’ll notice the run wasn’t completed entirely on a straight piece of road; the eye-watering pace was cracked on just a mile-long stretch of bitumen.

Hennessey claims the Exorcist will perform 10-second quarter mile passes, and reach 97km/h from a standstill in “less than three seconds”.

The Exorcist can be specced with either a six-speed manual, or 10-speed automatic. Customers opting for the self-shifting transmission have to fork out an extra $A13,000 to ensure it can handle the extra power.

Customers that already own a ZL1 Camaro can get the Exorcist pack for $A72,655, or Hennessey will sell you a pre-built example for $A157,199.

With all that extra power, it’ll also transform rear treads into clouds of smoke in record time.