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Herrod Performance planning 522kW pack for new Mustang

By Chris Thompson, 23 May 2018 News

herrod motorsport ford mustang front

Rob Herrod sets his sights on supercar-rivalling outputs for 2018 GT

When the new 2018 Ford Mustang is launched locally in Australia, it won’t be long before tuners start playing with its engine and chassis to change the way the Pony plays.

Melbourne-based tuner Herrod Motorsport is one of the better-known in Australia’s professional tuning scene, and has a particularly good reputation when it comes to Mustangs.

For the previous-gen car, he developed a 507kW/730Nm ‘Compliance Pack’ which added a Roush supercharger and plenty of other goodies.

herrod motorsport ford mustang rear

Managing director of Herrod Performance Rob Herrod tells MOTOR he’s planning something similar for the next Mustang.

“The bottom line for us [with the new Mustang] is that we want to build a Compliance Pack like we did for the last one,” he says.

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Expect a lot of similar tweaks to those on the previous-gen Mustang, such as the addition of a supercharger and changes to the suspension and exhaust, but more power will come with this new version.

“We’re expecting it to have around 700 horsepower at the crank… the last one we did was around 670.”

herrod badge

In metric, that’s 522kW, and in a car that has reviewed as being sharper than its predecessor overseas.

Better still, he reckons it’s not going to take much longer to be ready.

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“We’re aiming to have it ready in a couple of months so that it’s not too long after the local launch.”

Helping out has been the American team at Ford Performance, who have been working with the new mustang for some time, and are able to give advice from across the Pacific.

“We’ve been working closely with the Ford Performance guys in the US,” Rob Herrod says.

roush engine

“We’re always learning, and it’s good having that relationship with Ford Performance because we can call up and say ‘we’re having trouble with this, what do you think?’”

Finally, as with Herrod’s previous work, the new pack will be fully complied with regulations here in Australia.

He says if there’s anything that’ll hold development of the new pack back, it’ll be the ADR approval process.

But Herrod Motorsport, as a partner of Ford Performance, wants its cars to be totally legal to stay in everyone’s good-books.

“We go through the proper channels [to get compliance] and that takes time.”

Watch this space.