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Jaguar F-Type updated with AWD and manual

By Aiden Taylor, 27 Nov 2014 News

Jaguar F-Type updated with AWD and manual

All-paw traction and manual transmission adds breadth to F-Type range

Jaguar’s F-Type sports car range is set to double in size for 2015, swelling from the current six variants to twelve.

For the 2015 model year, certain F-Type models will be available with the option of all-wheel drive and three pedals and a stick, while the already potent, tyre-shedding V8 Convertible will receive a power hike from 364kW to 404kW.

Jaguar’s all-wheel drive system will be offered on all coupe models bar the base 250kW version, while the range-topping supercharged V8 Convertible will be the only drop-top available with all-paw traction.  

With all-wheel drive specified, both the V8 R Coupe and Convertible can hit 100km/h in 4.1 seconds – the coupe being one tenth quicker than the rear driver, the convertible two tenths. Given we’ve beaten that number in the rear-drive R Coupe, with the all-wheel drive system only adding around 100kg we’d expect mid-threes to be achievable.

The newly developed all-wheel drive system remains predominantly rear biased in normal conditions, but will send power to the front wheels once the rears begin to loosen under load. The systems works in conjunction with the F-Type’s electronically-controlled rear limited-slip diff and stability control systems to prevent understeer and distribute torque in the most effective way.

Jaguar say that despite the additional traction provided by the all-wheel drive system, the all-paw F-Type is still exploitable and driftable but in an all-together more controlled fashion than the two-wheel drive models.

The 2015 updates also bring a six-speed manual transmission option for the first time. Developed solely for the V6 rear-wheel drive coupe and convertible models, the three-pedal option will cater for enthusiasts not sold on the eight-speed torque converter auto.

Jaguar will also add a weight-saving  carbon fibre roof panel to the Coupe’s option list next year.

Prices and Australian specifications are still unconfirmed, but expect the manual transmission to reduce the price of entry to the F-Type range, while the all-wheel drive models will likely command a price premium over their rear-drive equivalents.

2015 Jaguar F-Type range:
F-Type Coupe (250kW, 8-sp AT/6-sp MT, RWD)
F-Type S Coupe (280kW, 8-sp AT RWD/AWD, 6-sp MT RWD)
F-Type R Coupe (404kW, 8-sp AT RWD/AWD)
F-Type Convertible (250kW, 8-sp AT/6-sp MT, RWD)
F-Type S Convertible (280kW, 8-sp AT, RWD)
F-Type R Convertible (404kW, 8-sp AT, RWD/AWD) – replaces V8 S Convertible