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Koenigsegg to debut two supercars at Geneva

By Curt Dupriez, 11 Feb 2015 News

Koenigsegg to debut two supercars at Geneva

New ‘Megacar’ Regera and hard-core ‘RS’ Agera joint-reveal

Swedish horsepower junkie Koenigsegg is promising to deliver a pair of head-kickers at March’s Geneva Show.

Little in way of details have surfaced about the new Regera model short of speculation it could be a new range-topper, given that its name translates to ‘reign’ from Swedish.

Teasers officially referring to Regera as a ‘megacar’ suggest that the debut model will match, or possibly supplant, the company’s mighty One:1 on outright power or even power-to-weight.

The current One:1, the brand’s first ‘megacar’, is thus named because the 1340kg hypercar, launched last year, creates 1340PS from its twin-turbo 5.0-litre V8, or around 1000kW.

Koenigsegg thus defines ‘megacar’ as a model producing a megawatt of power.

The Regera may well overshadow the Swede’s other anticipated debut, the Agera RS.

The RS will supplant the current R variant as the top dog of the Agera range, with speculation that outputs will be pushed beyond the Agera R’s astonishing 850kW and 1200Nm figures.     

The new RS is also likely to eclipse the R’s heroic acceleration claim of hitting 300km/h from a standstill in just 14.53 seconds.

With rivals Ferrari and McLaren squeezing unheard-of outputs from their own production special editions, the horsepower war among the hypercars is well and truly on.

Details of both the Regera and Agera RS will lob around the time of the Geneva show in March.