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LaFerrari vs Motorcycle in tyre-frying tug of war

By Cameron Kirby, 15 Jun 2016 News

No context is needed, just watch, and enjoy.

LaFerrari vs Motorcycle in tyre-frying tug of war

HAVE a dispute to settle? Got a Ferrari LaFerrari lying around not being put to use? Just want to destroy a set of tires?

Well, these mad fellas from Italy have got you covered, with the next generation of automotive dispute resolution.

There is no context to the video below, but do you really need that when something is this much fun to watch?

The guys behind the tug of war did commit sacrilege by affixing a tow-bar to their LaFerrari (it is expected their Italian citizenship has now been revoked), but at least it was for a good, tyre-frying, cause.

The LaFerrari faces off against one of the most powerful motorcycles available currently, a KTM 1290 Super Duke.

There is a twisted enjoyment gained from watching one of the most exclusive, powerful, and expensive cars in the history of the automobile being strapped to a 180-horsepower, $23,500 motorcycle for the sole purpose of burning some rubber and some light entertainment.

Keep it up you mad Italians!