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Lego Toyota AE86 could become a real product

By Chris Thompson, 04 Feb 2019 News

Lego Toyota AE86 could become a real product news

A home-brewed Lego build of Toyota’s iconic rear-driver is gaining plenty of support

The Lego Ideas website is an excellent place to see the breadth of creativity in the world. It also happens to have an apparently large overlap with the world of car enthusiasts.

This is a perfect example – one user has submitted his designs for a Toyota AE86 and an AE85 for consideration by Lego to become an official set.

The builder also created an AE86 in the image of the Fujiwara Tofu Delivery car from the manga and anime Initial D, which becomes a street drifting car after dark.

Its builder says it’s approximately a 1:13 scale, with working pop-up headlights, a proper interior and engine under the bonnet, and even a paper cup as a reference to Initial D’s main character Takumi’s driver training techniques.

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As well as the AE86 designs, the AE85 designs have been uploaded to display the differences, in these models that’s mainly the fixed headlights as opposed to the AE86’s pop-ups.

As the Lego Ideas website is based around public support to determine whether a model deserves to become an official set, it’s rare for a submission to be picked up.

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However, more than 1000 people have supported the AE86 which prompted Lego to announce that it has extended the deadline for support submissions.

“Your project is so well made that 1,000 of your new best friends have supported you within your first year. As a reward, you've earned an extra 6 months (182 days) to reach your next milestone of 5,000 supporters. Best of luck as you continue to rally support for your project.”

You can check out the project here, and support it if you have an account with Lego Ideas.

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