Realistic Lego Mustang Hoonicorn V2 model

Semi-functional Lego model created in the image of KB’s tyre-shredding ‘Stang

Realistic Lego Mustang Hoonicorn V2 model

We’ve seen Ken Block build many excellent drift machines for his Gymkhana series, but now someone’s taken a Block car and built it with… er, blocks. Enter the Lego Mustang Hoonicorn V2, built by Lachlan Cameron.

It’s incredibly accurate, or as accurate as a Lego model can be at that size, and is powered by electric motors to actually function as an AWD car.

Realistic Lego Mustang Hoonicorn V 2 Model Rear Top Jpg

Using two remote-control BuWizz batteries designed for Lego models, the Hoonicorn can be controlled from a mobile phone app and even has functional steering.

Block himself was so impressed with it he even shared it across his own social media accounts, drawing plenty of attention and a strong ‘shut up and take my money’ sentiment.

Fortunately, the model’s designer Lachlan Cameron created a set of instructions and list of Lego parts needed to build your own.

Rather than submit his idea to the Lego Ideas website, Cameron has decided to monetise his creativity by selling PDF copies of the instructions.

Realistic Lego Mustang Hoonicorn V 2 Model Engine Bay Jpg

“This model RC Technic MOC [My Own Creation] comes loaded with options,” he says.

“Red shifter switches high/low speed, 4WD, V8, working steering wheel and steering, opening hood trunk doors, eight lights, brand new on-board suspension, single spring without torsion bar... chrome all over.”

He even did a side-by side comparison with images of the real car and his model to prove its accuracy.

If you want to check out Lachlan Cameron’s Lego Hoonicorn creation, and even have a go at building your own (that’ll cost you!) you can buy instructions at his Sellfy online store or his Rebrickable account


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