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Lightweight Lotus Exige 360 Cup revealed

By Daniel DeGasperi, 18 Aug 2015 News

Lightweight Lotus Exige 360 Cup revealed

Supercharged road racer goes on a diet

The Lotus Exige isn’t the most obvious Biggest Loser candidate, but the 360 Cup limited edition has dropped another 42kg anyway.

Now tipping the scales at just 1130kg, the Exige 360 Cup gives the 3.5-litre supercharged V6 engine even less work to do than before. Just for good measure, the Toyota-based donk has been given a 7kW hike to 265kW, though 400Nm is unchanged.

Lotus Exige 360 CupWhile Lotus claims a 4.0-second 0-100km/h for the regular Exige with the six-speed manual transmission, this numbered 50-unit limited edition should comfortably get into the mid-to-high threes.

New light-weight parts include a front access panel, and rear louvre and tail-gate, while the interior has mostly been stripped – not that the Exige was a place of excess before.

Lotus Exige 360 CupTwo-way adjustable suspension, launch control and a four-mode drive selector (drive, sport, race and off) to adjust throttle and engine response are standard. Neatly symmetrical, the 42kg weight loss is equivalent to the added downforce provided by the large wing and diffuser at 160km/h.

Befitting of its tag as a track-focused Lotus Motorsport Cup model, available optionally are Ohlins race dampers, adjustable anti-roll bar, fire extinguisher and electrical cut-off, FIA-approved carbon seats and a removable steering wheel. Air conditioning, too, sits on the extras list.

Lotus Exige 360 CupThe Lotus Exige 360 Cup will be available in four colours – black, white, grey and silver – all with a ‘stealth’ matte-black roof and bonnet, and lairy red wheels and sides. Sadly, though, none will be made available in Australia.