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Mansory build 530kW Mercedes-AMG GT S

By Louis Cordony, 14 Jun 2016 News

Mansory build 530kW Mercedes-AMG GT S

German tuners build GT3-aping Merc

Mansory’s injected Mercedes-AMG GT S with an attitude usually reserved for GT3 cars.

The German tuning firm revealed overnight a GT-S with aggressive aero and power tweaks it’s specially created for a customer named ‘Bandar’.

Mansory Mercedes-AMG GT S rearBuilding upon the GT S it revealed at Geneva Motor Show, the ‘Bandar’ GT S has been fitted with a wide body kit, a vented bonnet, and new 21-inch alloys. But it’s the rear-wing large enough to frighten a Boeing which makes it unique.

Mansory Mercedes-AMG GT S rear wing

Mansory claims the ‘remodelled’ wing “is an impressive testament to the urge – and ability – to take corners at race speeds.” Speeds, of course, determined by how brave you are with its fettled 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8. Larger turbochargers have been dropped in its vee, and with new filters and exhaust system the unit makes 537kW.

No word exists on a torque figure, but its 305/25 rear rubber should provide chance of taming its new outputs. And combined with 245/35 front treads, the Mansory GT S is said to sit lower than the stock car. But besides that no suspension tweaks have been made.

Mansory Mercedes-AMG GT S interiorAt the owner’s request the cabin’s carbon fibre trim has been treated in red. With one piece below the HVAC controls stating the car is ‘one of one’, followed by the message ‘built for Bander’.

Mansory Mercedes-AMG GT S one of oneIt’s certainly not the first AMG GT S we’ve seen stuffed full of power, but it takes a new visual direction with the supercar. More of which we’re willing to see. Well done, Bander.