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Mazda MX-5 NA restoration program announced

By Chris Thompson, 05 Aug 2017 News

mazda mx5 na restoration 1

Mazda Japan will take on its customers’ resto projects and bring roadsters back to A1 condition

Arguably the world’s most iconic roadster, the Mazda MX-5 NA (or the Miata/Eunos to some) is about to get a lot more care and attention thanks to its creators.

Mazda is starting a program to restore its lightweight rear-drive drop-tops to original condition if owners wish to send their NAs away for the work to be done.

In a Japanese post on the official Mazda site, the company states that about 120,000 units were sold in Japan, and only about 23,000 remain.

After a couple of decades, a lot of MX-5 NAs will have been written off, fallen into disrepair, or been parted out to keep others running.

Mazda wants to make sure the survivors have the best chance possible of continuing life on the road.

To paraphrase Yamamoto Nobuhiro, the Mazda representative for the MX-5 (Japanese translation is difficult, even for Google), he says he attended a club meeting for the MX-5 NA fans, and they told him they want to keep driving their cars forever, and want to keep them in original condition.

His response was to resume making parts, and offering the restoration service now moving ahead.

“As a result, we are able to inform you about the prospect of providing restore service to customers with reliable process and quality, and the release of reprint parts,” Nobuhiro writes.

Though the program is set to be underway soon in Japan, any international efforts to resort original MX-5s through official channels are still unclear.

MOTOR will update this story as details of any plans to undergo this program in Australia are uncovered.