Milan Red is Austria’s new hypercar

We remain cautiously optimistic

Milan Red Austria new hypercar

It seems there’s a new ‘hypercar’ almost every month, and July 2018 was no different.

In the last few days of the month, hype started building around the first project from an Austrian firm called Milan Automotive. We’ll get the obvious out of the way… it’s not pretty.

Dubbed ‘Red’ after the red Milan bird of prey, the Red is a 974kW/1400Nm quad-turbo 6.2-litre V8-powered mid-engine rear-driver which is claimed to hit 100km/h in just 2.47 seconds.

It weighs in at just 1300kg, and tops out at over 400km/h.

While cars like this tend to have a habit of slipping under the radar or not being built in their original intended form or quantity, Milan Automotive has reportedly already secured more than a dozen orders for the Red, with a maximum of 99 to be built.

Each will be bespoke, meaning all will technically be ‘one-of-a-kind’ hypercars, but Milan doubles down on the whole ‘individual’ theme and steps into something a little more arbitrary: “in addition to the customization options, the full personality of every Milan Red unfolds together with its owner to make it unique.”

While the Red is still unproven, the plans and elements of its design are admittedly impressive.

Almost all of the car’s structures and elements that allow for it will be built from carbon fibre and CFRP (carbon fibre reinforced plastic), which will be handled by fellow Austrian company PEAK Technology.

Even the wishbones will be made from carbon fibre, something Milan Automotive claims is a first for a road-going car. Brembo will provide the carbon ceramic stopping power, while a ‘high downforce diffuser’ will apparently keep the car grounded via its long (starting from just behind the driver’s seat) structure.

At the €2 million Euro (AUD$3.15 million) mark, the Red isn’t cheap… we’ll be interested to see if it takes flight.


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