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GP Ice Race is the coolest event you’ve never heard of

By Cameron Kirby, 11 Feb 2020 Motorsport

All the insanity of GP Ice Race 2020

Towing skiers behind full-blown race cars on a snow-covered track is all kinds of crazy

An event like GP Ice Race could never exist in Australia. Mainly, because of the distinct lack of snow outside our limited Alpine region, but predominately because Occupational Health and Safety nannies would have an absolute conniption at the mere suggestion.

That’s because one of the main drawcards of GP Ice Race is having skiers towed behind race cars around a snow-covered circuit at frankly ludicrous speeds.

It’s the kind of hare-brained insanity usually dreamt up by a child, before reality crushes the idea into a fine dust.

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And yet, earlier this month in Austria, GP Ice Race took place as an homage to old-school silliness.

Still in its infancy on a global stage, GP Ice Race is beginning to grow in popularity, and attracting some serious manufacturer interest

Think of the event as the Goodwood Festival of Speed, on ice, with less rules.

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Porsche, BMW, and Volkswagen all rocked up with a fleet of cars for the 2020 event, resulting in the off-the-wall photos in our gallery above.

Want a Formula E car towing a skier? Check. Volkswagen’s ID.R test mule sliding around on snow? Check. It’s proper videogame stuff.

Famed racing driver Hans-Joachim Stuck also got in on the action, driving an old F1 car on studded snow tyres at the event.

Don’t mind us, we’ll just be looking at flights to Europe next February…

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