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Video: Colin McRae teaches basic rally techniques

By Cameron Kirby, 10 Jun 2017 Motorsport

One of rallying’s greatest personalities gives a lesson in how to drive like a boss

Colin Mcrae cover LONG

THE advent of onboard cameras in motorsport has gifted viewers around the globe countless golden moments and the opportunity to go inside cockpits as the world’s best drivers push insanely fast cars to the very limit.

Another benefit of the camera advancements is the ability of these experts to offer tutelage and advice as demonstrated in the above video in which the late Colin McRae, rallying legend and general god amongst men, calmly talks his way through a series of different driving techniques.

It must be said that McRae – recognised as one of the most naturally talented drivers to grace the earth – isn’t anywhere near the limit in the video, but there is no doubt many would struggle to keep pace with him as he converses with his passenger.

Behind the wheel of his Ford Focus WRC car, McRae shows us the different ways you can tackle corners during a rally stage, all in his unmistakable Scottish accent.

In the video, McRae also explains the benefit of left-foot braking, a technique we advise against using on the road, but which can make all the difference flat out in the forests of Finland.

The pedal-cam angle is particularly fascinating, when paired with an outward and onboard shot. It illustrates how much work is done behind the wheel, often hidden from site. McRae’s feet never stop dancing, alternating between the throttle and brake, deftly putting inputs into the car as he slides through the course.

Because we are suckers for a good onboard shot or pedal-cam, take this as an added bonus – it’s Ayrton Senna thrashing a Honda NSX around Suzuka.

Where McRae was in head-to-toe race gear, Senna demonstrates sublime technique all while wearing Sunday slacks and loafers.