New Mercedes-AMG G63 revealed

More power and a new look for the Affalterbach wagon

2019 Mercedes AMG G63 revealed

The new Mercedes-AMG G 63 has been revealed, with a new engine and a new look.

Rather than the 400kW/760Nm 5.5-litre twin-turbo unit, the G63 now sports AMG’s twin-turbo 4.0-litre V8 which is using 430kW and 850Nm to make the G63 confusingly fast for a 2485kg 4X4.

100km/h comes along in 4.5 seconds, while top speed is 220km/h, or 240km/h with the optional driver’s package included.

This acceleration comes from a mix of peak torque arriving between 2500 and 3500rpm, and its new, faster 9-speed automatic gearbox.

For better economy and daily useability, the G63’s engine is able to shut down four cylinders.

The G-Wagon’s offroad ability also becomes stringer with the new multiplate clutch AWD system that AMG says behaves like an automatically controlled locking differential.

"The new AMG G 63 brings driving performance to the segment of unadulterated off-road vehicles in unexpected form,” says AMG CEO Tobias Moers.

“It was important for us to tie in with the original character on account of the cult status the G63 enjoys with our customers and fans.

“The vehicle has nevertheless reached a completely new dimension in terms of technology with the 4.0‑litre V8 biturbo engine as well as in combination with the off-road characteristics, the agility and the vehicle dynamics achieved.

"This applies to the entire G‑Class model series. Mercedes-AMG is responsible for their suspension and chassis development as well as V8 competence."

The suspension setup uses, for the first time on the G-Class, independent, double wishbone suspension at the front, with a rigid-axle five-link in the rear.

AMG adaptive dampers also come standard on the G63, as does electrically-assisted variable ratio steering.

Drive modes are split into five on-road modes and three off-road options: Slippery, Comfort, Sport, Sport+ and Individual; or Sand, Trail and Rock respectively.

Inside, as with the outside, its redesign retains cues of the old G63 while aiming to become more comfortable and ‘modern’.


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