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Next Toyota ‘Supra’ caught on film

By Louis Cordony, 21 Sep 2016 News

BMW and Toyota sportscar project footage emerges

Next Toyota ‘Supra’ caught on film

Toyota’s next ‘Supra’ has been filmed leaving a BMW facility at the Nurburgring. 

It’s been known the two marques have joined forces on an all-new sportscar, one pegged to succeed the now-ceased Z4 and long-dead Supra.

This video, from the folks at Supra MkV, proves the project now lives and breathes, albiet in heavily disguised form.

Despite the swirls, we’re treated to our first preview of what the new car sounds like as it pulls from the precinct’s gates.

There’s a lot of whirring from the front of the car before it leaves the camera with a raspy note from its pipes.Toyota FT 1 conceptStill, it’s hard to determine what’s exactly making the racket. Based on countless rumours attached to the car, it’s said to be a BMW engine matched with Toyota hybrid tech.

Visually the car sizes up much smaller than the old gen-four Supra, but still sports design signatures like a long bonnet and heavily raked windscreen.

Meanwhile there are hints of Toyota’s FT-1 concept about it, the company’s biggest clue about the project so far, like the far-apart front headlights.

Nor is it clear wether we’re seeing BMW’s or Toyota’s take on the project, as how similar each will be is not yet known.

More will be revealed closer to the car’s reveal, expected in 2018.