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Nick Mason crashes McLaren F1 GTR at Goodwood

By Scott Newman, 20 Mar 2017 News

Pink Floyd drummer bins his race-spec McLaren at 75th Members Meeting

Nick Mason McLaren F1 GTR crash Goodwood cover

Crashing your virtually priceless McLaren F1 GTR is bad enough. When you're a celebrity and your accident is during a live-streamed motorsport event, it's even worse.

Taking part in the 75th Goodwood Members' Meeting held at the weekend, Pink Floyd drummer and grade-A car enthusiast Nick Mason attempted to make his McLaren F1 GTR another brick in the wall during demonstration laps for GT1 sports cars.

Nick Mason McLaren F1 GTR crash GoodwoodThe old-school Goodwood circuit is high speed and unforgiving, which Mason found out the hard way. Thankfully, the 73-year-old was unhurt, but is probably feeling comfortably numb at the thought of the repair bill on the F1, which is absolutely curtains. 

Nonetheless, with F1 values in the stratosphere, we have high hopes that the right amount of time and money will see Mason’s GTR – one of 28 built and road-legal – coming back to life, though the thought of the sums of money involved almost gives us brain damage.

No doubt the 73-year-old just wanted to run like hell following the incident, especially as it was captured by the cameras and streamed live to the world via YouTube, but in the end there’s little to do but breathe and have a cigar.

After all, accidents happen, and Mason has always been a firm believer in using his exotic machinery, lending cars like the F1 GTR and his 250 GTO to various media outlets over the years.

Mason’s F1 GTR is chassis 10, which was built as a test and development car before being used in 1996 Le Mans pre-qualifying, however it didn’t race.