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NISMO to remake parts for R32 Skyline GT-Rs

By Chris Thompson, 04 May 2017 News

Nissan Skyline GT R R32 1991

Even Australians with part-finding headaches could get a reprieve

The 100 Australian-delivered Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R models will soon be easier to repair properly, as NISMO will begin re-producing replacement parts for Godzilla.

The recent announcement flew under the radar for most, but the question of what would be available in Australia almost definitely popped into the mind of GT-R owners.

With the cars being unique from those found in Japan, finding parts for the 100 Australian-delivered examples would have been somewhat of a challenge.

In the original internal bulletin from 1991, which was supplied by Nissan Australia to MOTOR (after redacting any private information about the 100 models), six pages of completely unique parts are listed that were used for Australia’s GT-Rs instead of those found on the JDM models.

Nissan-Skyline-GT-R-R32-1991 engine
“The R32 GT-R 91 limited edition models are based on the specifications of the domestic R32 GT-R built in Japan with the following unique part number exceptions as listed.”

It then proceeds to detail everything from the 25 oil cooler parts that differ, to muffler parts, and even licence plate brackets.

The front windshield is also unique, according to the document.

Nissan-Skyline-GT-R-R32-1991 interior
The good news is for Australians that a lot of these parts should be available, even the ones which only went onto Australian cars, although Nissan Australia says some parts won’t always be available.

And that’s fair enough when you realise there are over 100 parts which are unique to Australian GT-Rs.

If you’re currently looking for a “plate-transfer case cooler pipe mounting lock”, the best course of action would be to ask Nissan and see what they can do for you.