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One Queenslander racks up over $54,000 in speeding fines

By Cameron Kirby, 07 Jan 2020 News

One Queenslander racks up over $54,000 in speeding fines

A single motorbike rider has collected an eye-watering tally of fines while evading police

A single motorbike rider has been caught speeding an alleged 62 times in Queensland, racking up a tab for nearly $55,000.

A repeat offender, the man in question has now been arrested by police and is being charged with a number of offences on top of his alleged riding antics.

The rider’s arrest has been reported by 9News Queensland, with his litany of alleged offences including travelling at 178km/h on Gympie Road, and 155km/h in the airport link tunnel.

According to 9News, the rider has accumulated $54,148 worth of speeding fines, with the equivalent of 392 demerit points – enough to lose his licence 32 times over.

If the staggering fine tally is spread evenly across all 62 alleged speeding offences, it results in an average of $873 per infringement.

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Despite evading police for some time, the 22-year-old rider was arrested on January 2nd after an off-duty police officer recognised the bike’s stolen registration plate.

At the time the man was wearing a backpack that allegedly contained methamphetamine, 13 driver’s licences from Queensland and New South Wales, four Australian passports, a single UK passport, and 13 Medicare cards – going some way to explain why he rode so erratically, and how he avoided police for so long.

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It is also alleged he was in possession of a second stolen registration plate for the same type of motorcycle, which would further aid his ability to evade capture. Police allege he returned a positive result when subjected to a Roadside Drug Test during his arrest.

The Stafford Heights man has been charged with 36 offences, and been issued a further 62 traffic infringements.

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