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This is an AMG G63 with more than 700kW… because Posaidon says so

By Chris Thompson, 26 Aug 2020 News

Posaidon G63 RS 830+

Some tuners like taking things to the absolute extreme, and Posaidon is one of them

In its stock state, the AMG G63’s M178 twin-turbo V8 engine has 430kW and 850Nm. You might think that’s plenty for an SUV, but not German tuning company Posaidon.

The company has plenty of options for tuning AMG’s various engines, including one that can grant the M178 a stonking 647kW and 1000Nm.

But now Posaidon has taken that a step further again, with a 701kW/1278Nm tuned G63, called the G63 RS 830+.

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It takes the stock 4.0-litre M178 V8 and ports the cylinder heads, upgrades the valves, installs a new exhaust system, and most importantly replaces the stock turbos with two custom units.

Posaidon also puts its electronic tuning and mapping expertise to use to extract every last kiloWatt and Newton metre it can before getting to the point where the engine will start to fail.

And, lo, you have a G63 with 271kW and 428Nm more than stock. That’s basically a Porsche Boxster S worth of power and torque.

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Posaidon says the G63 RS 830+ will hit 60mph (97km/h) in just 3.6 seconds, almost a full second faster than stock, while top speed is up to 280km/h.

Of course, Posaidon is no stranger to ridiculous power outputs, as in the past it has created an AMG E63 with 750kW and 1400Nm.