SS Commodore to stay rear-drive

The SS Commodore could live on as a rear-drive muscle car, even if the regular Commodore becomes a front-drive model when the VF is replaced at the end of 2016.

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The SS Commodore could live on as a rear-drive muscle car, even if the regular Commodore becomes a front-drive model when the VF is replaced at the end of 2016.

Wheels sources suggest the next Commodore is likely to be based on a new FWD platform, while a performance version of the existing SS could continue on but would drop the Commodore name.

The plan to continue the rear-Zeta platform, that underpins the Commodore and Camaro, past the introduction of the next-generation Commodore in late 2016 is by no means locked in and the decision doesn’t need to be made for some time.

In order for the plan to be approved, sales of the Commodore SS and the American Chevrolet SS would need to continue to sell strongly.

GM North America chief Mark Reuss was asked how long the Chevrolet SS would be sold for, given it is tied to the production of the Commodore SS, which is due to be replaced in late 2016.

“We can sell this for as long as we can make it and sell it,” Reuss said.

After another question along the same lines, Reuss again indicated SS production could continue in Australia past the introduction of the new generation Commodore is introduced.

“What if we have a really cool, loyal, buyer base (for the Chev SS)? What if we had that? What if it becomes the reason to go into a Chevrolet dealership? What if we say we’re not going to do it anymore and there is an uproar saying that we want these? What if that happens, what would you?”

When Wheels suggested GM should keep producing the rear-drive SS, Reuss said: “I think that is a pretty good idea.”

Reuss was asked whether the rear-drive SS could be made in a plant that is making the small Cruze and next generation Commodore. He said “You need another body shop to keep it going, so what? There are two body shops in a place people said we could only have one, they said we couldn’t do it…but we did do it.”

There is a concern GM could switch Chevrolet SS production to the US, but Reuss seemed to suggest there was no point doing so because the tooling is all in place in Australia.

“It is paid for, it’s all there,” he said. He said the fact the car comes from Australia would not hurt its sales “People said we couldn’t sell the Police car here if it wasn’t made it America, well, what a croc of poop. American’s love it, they love Australian’s, it’s a Chevrolet, they know what it is, they’re not stupid, and they love it.”


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