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Tesla Model 3 ‘Performance’ version revealed

By Chris Thompson, 21 May 2018 News

Tesla Model 3 ‘Performance’ version revealed

Tesla boss tweets ‘candid’ details of upcoming ‘M3-rivalling’ model

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has announced two new all-wheel drive variants for the Tesla Model 3, and has revealed some preliminary specs for the electric cars.

In a series of tweets – the candid Tesla boss’ preferred method of announcement – Musk said that he had been testing the ‘Performance version’ as recently as yesterday.

The same afternoon, Musk candidly and casually tweeted several details and figures for the higher-performance version of the new variants, which should be able to hit 100km/h in just more than 3.5 seconds, and has a top speed of about 250km/h.

The all-wheel ‘Performance’ Model 3 will also, according to Musk, have a 500km range and cost about USD$78,000 in the US.

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In a bold move, which ought to have made the Tesla PR team uncomfortable, Musk also added that this version of the Model 3 would be better than the BMW M3 for the same price.

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Additionally, the all-wheel drive dual motor system could be added to a standard Model 3 for $5000 on top its USD$35K price.

With this option, Tesla’s cheapest model would be able to hit 100km/h in about 4.5 seconds and reach a top speed of 225km/h.

He said the dual motor system has been developed to utilise a power engine and a range engine, which can swap activation when one is needed over the other.

Despite Tesla’s claim to have amped up its Model 3 production after difficulties saw the production lines shut down for a while, Australia won’t see any Model 3s locally until at least 2019.

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