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Tetsuya Tada's three wishes

By Andy Enright, 02 Mar 2019 News

Tetsuya Tada's three wishes

Toyota’s chief engineer, and father of the 86, on the cars he’d park in his garage if no restrictions applied

1. Porsche Cayman

“Number one? Porsche Cayman – the latest one,” comes the emphatic response. “For me, Porsche represents industrial products: the best,” he adds. “Ferrari? Not so industrial, it’s like an art whereas Lotus is like a craft,” he explains. “Because I’m an industrial engineer, I see Porsche as my benchmark; my mentor.”

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2. Alfa Romeo 4C

“Dangerous, dangerous, dangerous! I like that sense of danger,” says Tada, alluding to the glamour and raciness of the marque’s image. He’s a good deal more agnostic when it comes to particular models but, in a common theme, defaults towards the lightest and simplest. “I think the Alfa Romeo 4C is pretty good.”

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3. Aston Martin Vantage

The European theme continues with another punchy performance coupe. “I like the very British feel of Aston Martin,” says Tada. “Particularly the Vantage. The engine sound is so right. You don’t even need to drive it,” he smiles. “Just the sound of the engine excites me.”

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