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VIDEO: 13 year old rally super-kid scares passenger silly

By MOTOR Staff, 30 Jul 2014 News

Finnish teen rally prodigy takes woman on a petrifying ride through the woods

VIDEO: 13 year old rally super-kid scares passenger silly

At 13, most Aussie kids are swapping Pokémon cards and cramped over X-Box controllers. But in Finland? They go rallying.

Kalle Rovanperä is one kid who’s a better driver than you. And, as this video attests, better at scaring passengers, too.

But Rovanperä is hardly some young punk show-off behind the wheel. His old man is ex-Peugeot WRC driver Harri Rovanperä, which means Rovanperä junior has practically been in and out of rally machines since he was swimming DNA. He’s also Finnish which, in the world of rallying, means he’s a weapon behind the wheel.

At least, that’s what a mystery female passenger thought as she strapped in to a Citroen C2 rally car beside Rovanperä for an on-the-limit thrash through a European forest. Which, as you’re about to see, was something she probably regretted. Enjoy.