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Video: Verstappen on snow vs Ricciardo on ice

By Alex Inwood, 15 Jan 2016 News

Max Verstappen looks cool drifting an F1 car on snow. But how chilled was Daniel Ricciardo on ice?

Video: Verstappen on snow vs Ricciardo on ice

BY NOW, you may have seen Max Verstappen tearing up an Austrian ski slope in a Red Bull Formula 1 car.

The F1 prodigy drifts and rips donuts in an F1 car shod with snow chains. If you haven’t seen it, hit play on the video above. It’s mesmerising.

Verstappen -red -bull -ski -slopes -videoYet it’s still not as good as what our home-grown Daniel Ricciardo achieved when he drove his F1 car on an ice-covered track in Bologna a few years ago. Here, Ricciardo displays superhuman reflexes to keep his car on the straight and narrow.

Sorry Max, your video is cool. Ricciardo’s is just cooler.