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VTEC powered Honda Integra Ute for sale

By Louis Cordony, 16 Nov 2017 News

VTEC Honda Integra Ute exterior

Bloke builds front-wheel drive work horse

The AU Falcon isn’t the only car up to incredible things. The Honda Integra has made a bid for similar greatness with this Type R-powered ute appearing for sale in America.

Update: Since publication the seller has confirmed the engine is indeed from a Japanese Type R. However, we do not have photo evidence. 

Yep, this is an Integra, the hatchback coupe Honda sold from 1994 to 2001. Made into a ute by a Baltimore local inspired by our own Holden Commodore and Ford Falcon 'trucks'.

The front-wheel wheel drive workhorse began life as a 2001 Integra GSR. Once the owner blew an engine and couldn’t sell the shell, it was turned into his perfect parts-hauler.

Honda Integra Ute frontSince then it’s been plugged with a Japanese 1.8-litre Integra Type R four-cylinder and is mated to the original car’s five-speed transmission.

The high-tech, low capacity engine should fizz with about 147kW. Not thunderous, but weighing less than 1200kg it should produce a power-to-weight ratio close to a Fiesta ST.

Underneath the tray is a custom-made frame, while an x-brace features just behind the two sole front seats. Stiffer coilovers are the only suspension change.

Honda Integra Ute trayPegged at $5000 on classifieds site Craigslist, the owner tells MOTOR it’s the result of over one year’s work and owes him more than the advertised price.

Its main use has been getting engine parts to and from a shop, we're told, or taking care of junk “basically stacked higher than the car”.

One-off HSV Coupe4 ute

With the factory lift-back removed, the work was done by saw. “I just chopped it off. Got a bunch of panels, and welded it on.” A body shop applied the final touches, before it was painted at home.

Amazingly, this has all been completed by a 22-year-old, who’s only mechanic experience is a nine-month course at a mechanical tech institute.

Honda Integra Ute rearWhen asked how the car drives he says “it drives better than a fully stock GSR, but that's probably do to all the framing for the back.”

So, mini hot-hatch performance that can haul a dirt bike. Check out the offer at the link below.

Source: craigslist.com